Following authenticity in life through the medium of a lens.
I have been passionate about photography since the first time I held my father’s camera when I was about 12 years old. I used to have a small dark room where I immersed myself in developing photos. Later, I picked up digital photography in 2016 during my backpacking trip around South Asia. That trip was about finding who I was and my self-expression in this life. I travelled to six different countries alone, accompanied by my camera, with no real plan but some intentions. After a long break from shooting, I finally was able to reconnect with myself via photography and I have been walking on my path with my camera since. 
Photography has been helping me look at the world from a different perspective and understand it on a deeper level. Utilizing my psychology education, photography enables me to find my reflection in the world. My curiosity about human beings, other cultures, and how geography shapes our species led me to travel around the world with my camera. 
Learning about others frees me from cultural rules and beliefs and encourages me to find my authentic self beyond social norms and expectations. Photography is the bridge that connects me to the world and the purest way to express my feelings.​​​​​​​
Burcu combines psychology with photography to focus on telling the stories of identity. 
Born in Bursa, Turkey in 1980, Burcu completed the Bachelor of Business Administration in Turkey, and Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Organizational Psychology in London, England.
Burcu started taking photographs with her father's camera when she was 12 years old and continued that with Ifsak Foundations of Photography training in 1999. While travelling around the world, she discovered and photographed people from different cultures and lifestyles. She completed the Professional Photography Program at Spéos Photo Video CGI school in Paris and graduated from  Photography and Camera Operation Diploma Program at Anadolu University in Turkey.
She has been working on a photography project since 2021 in which she explores the essence of women. She also shoots still-life, product and portrait shoots in her photography studio called Studio Flâneur.
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